Group Discussions

Exploring the research subject by exchanging different opinions

We conduct group discussions as standalone services as well as in combination with quantitative survey methods. The purpose of the analysis is to explore the research subject by incorporating many different customer opinions and perspectives for fathoming your research questions in adequate depth. Given the small sample sizes, it is not a question of deducing quantitative or even representative statements but rather of capturing the spectrum of attitudes and opinions ('psychological' representativeness).

Advantages of Group Discussions

Group discussions are particularly qualified for…

  • examining the spontaneous (emotionally biased) and rational reactions of (potential) customers to the research subject (e.g. new products);
  • exploring customer wishes with regard to new services and
  • identifying obstacles and possible reservations with regard to planned innovations and to elicit effective means of encountering them.

Compared to individual interviews, group discussions have the following advantages:

  • The exploration does not merely register the individual's creativeness; instead it is possible to draw on ideas proposed by discussion participants and pursue them in interaction with the group (so-called 'snowball principle').
  • The mutual exchange of opinions presents authentic chains of argument within a reduced setting. Motive structures that may suppress the product's success can be identified and, under certain circumstances, broken up.


Service Portfolio & Quality Assurance

  • We design a discussion guideline in close coordination with your briefing specifications. We are happy to discuss the necessary details in a personal kick-off meeting on your premises.
  • Together with our test studio partners, we organize panel discussions in any large German city.
  • The group discussions are held on upmarket premises offering high-class catering.
  • We warmly invite you to attend the discussions live and to review the findings with the NORDLIGHT project manager in preparation for the result report.
  • Recruitment of the participants is at all times accurate to meet the screening criteria coordinated with you.
  • When conducting group discussions, we only work with experienced and psychologically trained moderators we have successfully cooperating with for many years. The moderators receive specific project-related training in advance. After the panel discussions, there will be an extensive debriefing in order to determine the general direction of the summaries in the result report.
  • Modern technology is used to record the group discussions; if required they can also be streamed to your colleagues' workplaces.
  • You receive a conclusive PowerPoint report summarizing the central findings in text and graphic form. We graphically visualize chains of argument and need structures, underlining these aspects with exemplary original quotes from the groups.

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