Generate deeper insights directly at the pulse of everyday life with an innovative exploration mix

In our qualitative portfolio of methods, the Market Research Online Community (MROC) represents a contemporary supplement to classic approaches such as individual interviews or focus groups. MROC is often the research method of choice, especially when a subject of investigation is to be analysed holistically and from different perspectives in a way that is close to everyday life. It also offers the advantage of bringing together target groups regardless of time and place and guiding them to an exchange. The results for our clients are insights that astonish with their enormous depth of detail and offer particularly multi-faceted answers to research questions.

How the Market Research Online Community (MROC) works

Test persons are pre-recruited precisely according to the target group criteria and invited to participate in the closed community. Over a period of usually two weeks, the participants document their behaviour and experiences with regard to the object of investigation, exchange information in the community, evaluate new concept suggestions and develop creative ideas as input for the client.

The methodology combines everyday close observation of behaviour (individual feedback with diary and blog modules) with group discussion and creative workshop (exchange in the community via forum and chat functions) as well as in-depth individual exploration of motives and needs (individual tasks, in-depth psychological moderation).

The MROC is moderated by a psychologically trained staff member who structures the contents and questions along a guideline previously agreed with the client. The client can attend the event at any time and can join the community platform as an active moderator or as a silent observer via a guest access.


MROC offers these advantages

  • Intensive and involving: The participants continuously deal with the topic over a longer period of time. Everyday exploration, community feeling and gamification lead to a productive exchange and rich, valid results.
  • Depth and breadth: Through the systematic use of individual and group exploration, synchronous and asynchronous survey, individual behaviour and attitude patterns are uncovered as well as social processes, deep insights are gained as well as a broad pool of ideas.
  • Close to behaviour and experience: Experiences from everyday life can be directly documented and illustrated by media upload.This provides a clear and vivid picture of the target group's behaviour, motives and reasons for using the product. These insights are essential for a customer-oriented development of products or communication concepts.
  • Close to the target group: Through observation you gain a lively, vivid insight into customers’ attitudes and behaviours.
  • Low-threshold, fast access to the community platform: The respondents can access the community at any time and via various end devices (PC, smartphone, app) and complete the tasks. This "always-on" principle is ideally suited to the communication style of young, digitally affine target groups in particular (millennials or GenZ).


Service portfolio & quality assurance

  • We design a community guide in close coordination with your briefing requirements. We would also be happy to discuss the necessary details in a personal kick-off meeting at your company.
  • In addition, we will fix the sampling criteria for the precise screening of potential community participants. Our field partners then recruit the relevant target persons and book them for participation in the MROC.
  • In preparation for the MROC, we program the agreed guide in the community software and set up the modules provided for this purpose (diary, blog, forum, chat, etc.).
  • Then the online community starts. During the planned period of time, a moderator accompanies the events in the community and ensures that the tasks, contents and topics in the guide are carefully adressed.
    We only use experienced and psychologically trained MROC moderators here, with whom we have been working successfully for years. The moderators receive project-specific training in advance. Finally, a detailed debriefing to the community takes place in order to determine the focal points for the content of the final report.
  • As output you will receive a meaningful PowerPoint report summarizing the core findings of the MROC in text and graphic form. We graphically visualize chains of argumentation and need structures and illustrate them with exemplary original statements from the online community.


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