Mixed-Mode Survey

Intelligent methodical mix for optimizing the response rate

Difficult target groups require a combination of different recruitment channels in order to get a sufficient response rate, i.e. a valid data basis, for quantitative analyses.

  • An established method is the initial conduction of an online survey (e-mail survey) with subsequent telephone reminder or downstream telephone survey. We have used this methodical combination successfully in the past, especially when dealing with B2B target groups that are difficult to reach.

  • Another method is combining face-to-face interviews and online data registration (the so-called CAPWI method). Here, the data recorded during a personal interview is entered into an online questionnaire and administrated on a central server. This enables – especially if a large number of interviewers are deployed – permanent tracking of the field status in real time. The CAPWI method is indicated especially if special software (e.g. conjoint software) is required to conduct the survey. Here, the interviewer not only conducts the survey, but also supervises the software operation and can provide direct assistance in case of questions.

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