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Long-standing online market research expertise

NORDLIGHT research GmbH has many years of experience in planning and conducting online market research projects. Many of our employees and partners are pioneers in the field of online market research: We have been planning and completing online projects since the Internet emerged as a relevant medium for market research studies over 15 years ago.

We cooperate with established technology partners, such as Questback (formerly Globalpark) and INGRESS, using their established software solutions to complete our online studies. Moreover, we also deploy our own repertoire of tools, developed for special applications in the field of online market research.

Service Portfolio & Reference Projects

Our software infrastructure equips us effectively to present all market research methodologies and study designs in an online setting. In the following, we would like to outline a few practical examples within the field of online market research:

  • Online customer survey: Using email addresses that our clients provide, we invite customers to take part in an online satisfaction survey and therefore continually track customer satisfaction.
  • Online employee survey: An online survey is the standard recruitment method for conducting employee surveys today. We are experienced in a series of different study methodologies in this field, including executive feedback, internal brand perception and surveys on corporate culture, regular online feedback from sales staff and field agents.
  • Online product test: We present your product ideas in a multimedia setting as an online questionnaire and as verbal concepts. We usually recruit respondents as defined in your target group specifications via our online panel partners (German and multinational recruitment).
  • Online conjoint: We have particular expertise in the field of conjoint methodology. We have developed our own software that enables flexible implementation of conjoint designs and smooth integration of conjoint questions within an online questionnaire.
  • Associative response time measurement: We use implicit measurement methods, inter alia, in researching advertising impact. For instance, we employ associative response time measurements in online surveys to identify implicit effects on the brand image. The online tool we use can easily be integrated into online questionnaires.
  • On-site recruitment: Certain issues, for instance a website analysis, are best dealt with by using the website to directly invite the survey participants. We provide you with JavaScript technology to handle so-called on-site recruitment; here, pop-ups and separate layers provide call the visitors's attention to the survey.
  • Online test of radio commercials or video clips: The increasing availability of broadband Internet connections enables online testing of stimuli that take quite some time to load, for instance radio commercials or video clips. We are equipped with a standardized online instrument to reliably and cost-efficiently test this form of multimedia advertising material and also facilitates smooth online testing of catalogues and customer magazines.

This is merely a selection of the resources we have available to conduct online market research studies. Feel free to approach us if you are looking for advice on whether your individual study project can be conducted online. We are happy to advise you and consider it part of our services to provide you with an offer without obligation.

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