Telephone Survey

Telephone Surveys

Telephone interviews remain a standard method of surveying target groups, for instance if they cannot be adequately reached online. Established sampling methods (e.g. ADM sample or Rösch method) ensure a presentative sampling distribution and hence accurately reflect the target group within the respective population.

Furthermore, we apply the CATI method to target groups that are not easily reached, especially in the B2B segment, and therefore use the more engaging interview situation to achieve higher response rates than would be possible in the case of alternative recruitment channels.

Service Portfolio & Quality Assurance

When conducting telephone surveys, we only work with specialized and familiar field partners who committed themselves to compliance with the following quality standards/measures:

  • Project-related training with the NORDLIGHT project manager before start of field phase
  • Visiting and training customers is desired in order to create greatest possible transparency
  • Project-specific deployment of interviewers (especially in the B2B segment, we only use interviewers with suitable prior experience and communication skills)
  • Constant monitoring / coaching; assessment of the individual interviewers
  • Sample management with schedule monitoring;  scheduled appointments are treated as priorities
  • Documentation of interview 'history'
  • Recording of differentiated cancellation reasons
  • Proactive complaints management with immediate notification of the project manager
  • Regular status reports and response rate protocols
  • Pre-tests and trial datasets

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