Response Time Measurement

Implicit image measurement method

The image of a brand, a product, or advertising material can be surveyed by 'standard' means; alternatively, the implicit method of response time measurement can be applied. As in many cases, standard surveys do not sufficiently consider emotions, we measure the emotional effect independent of the content by means of the response time. The basic idea behind response time measurement is that the spontaneous judgement is more akin to the unconscious degree of association, therefore possessing greater validity in recording brand or product image.

Your Questions

  • What effect does my brand have on customers?

  • Which characteristics are perceived in my product?

  • Which emotions does my advertising material trigger in the recipient?

  • Which advert best coveys our brand image?

  • Does the external, emotional brand image correspond to our internal brand concept?


Our Solution

The response time measurement module we developed can be embedded in any type of online questionnaire. For example, statements are shown and the respondent is instructed to agree or disagree as quickly as possible. In addition to direct information on whether or not the respondent e.g. assigns the image term displayed with the brand, the system also records the time the respondent requires to answer the question in milliseconds. The faster the response to the assignment, the greater the emotional link between the term and the brand, the product or the like and hence the greater the strength of association.

Your Results

Complementing the standard image profiles, you also receive information on how strongly the various image dimensions are embedded in the respondents' emotions. Furthermore, our experience has shown that this alternative measurement method yields greater precision in selectivity than questions using a classic scale. Therefore, the response time measurement method produces a more subtle distinction between individual test objects if several brands, products or advertising materials are to be compared.

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