Brochure Test

Evaluating your brochures from a reader's perspective

In addition to the their advertising impact, printed documents such as brochures, prospectuses, catalogues or customer magazines transport more detailed information on a company's products and services. Therefore, quality of editorial presentation plays a more dominant role than it does in the design of primary advertising materials such as adverts. The «NLR print driver», our quantitative methodical tool, is precisely what you need to put the most important aspects of your brochures through their paces and stress test the quality of your print documents from the perspective of potential readers.

Your Questions

  • Is the cover motif appealing? Is it in line with the topic of the brochure?

  • Do the inside page appear neatly arranged and well structured?

  • In total, are the documents perceived to be of high quality?

  • Are the information tables and diagrams self-explanatory?

  • Are the readers willing to complete the enclosed coupon for a contact initiation?

Our Solution

The measurement model applied in the «NLR print driver» is reception-based, meaning that in the communication process we focus on the recipient side and present the process by which your documents are received 'as it happens'. At the core are the parameters of design (visual language, colour composition, corporate design, typography, etc.) and content (information structure on the cover, inner and back pages, support in the form of informative diagrams and tables, language/style). These factors are analysed in terms of their impact on reader response and knowledge transfer (factual knowledge, applicability and fixation of product knowledge) and their activating effect (interest in products, contact to the company, image transfer).

Tests can be carried out in the test studio or ‘in-home’, in each case involving presentation of the analogue print materials, but the documents can also be displayed digitally on the computer screen and assessed using an online questionnaire or as part of a panel pre-test. Our questionnaire includes both closed and open-ended questions. The test can also involve an equivalent assessment of selected competitor documents. As a quantitative instrument, the «NLR print driver» is ideally suited to provide benchmark and time series analyses.

Your Results

  • You receive statistically validated parameters detailing the most important features of print materials and the impact your brochure has on readers. Summarised indexes show you from a bid's eye view the strengths of your brochures and, in contrast, its potentials for improvement. Assessment of the actionably-worded, individual questions indicates which defined measures can be taken to improve your brochure.

  • We summarise the results in a graphic PowerPoint report, comment on important statistical effects and condense these aspects to create a summary with recommended actions on an executive level. We use Excel tables to present detailed outlines.

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