Claim / Logo Test

Assessing the most important branding components

The isolated evaluation of a company's branding components is an important factor in researching advertising impact, applied in addition to the assessment of specific advertising formats (adverts, brochures, multimedia material). We have developed a set of quantitative instruments with which you can test your logo's recall in the market, determine your claim's comprehensibility and fit and assess the image effect of  your branding impacts in a comprehensive package. The aim is to identify general and context-specific mechanisms of the branding components in order to optimize the deployment of these elements in brand communication.

Your Questions

  • How well known is your logo / your claim in the market?

  • From your target group's perspective, how well in line is your claim with your company?

  • How appealing is the logo / the claim in total?

  • Which emotional / cognitive image features are transported?

  • Which is the best campaign (advertising topics, target groups) for your claim? 

Our Solution

We take the established scales of our advertising impact instrument «NLR ad scan» and design a quantitative study concept tailored to your branding components and your questions. We combine open and closed question techniques to provide you with statistically projectable indicators as well as with substantial statements on how the target group assesses your logo / claim.

If required, we also combine reactive questionnaire methods with implicit analysis methods (e.g. associative response time measurement, eye-tracking) to link cognitive and emotional assessment levels and to outline an integral, holistic assessment matrix.

Qualitative research modules such as group discussions or in-depth interviews can be utilized to provide more profound insight and therefore enhance the qualitative results.

Your Results

  • The results from the individual analysis modules are summarized in graphic PowerPoint charts. A management summary collates the most important findings for the executive level and provides recommendations for optimizing your advertising.

  • We are happy to present the findings to the specialist departments in your company or alternatively run a workshop on the results.

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