Image Analysis

Determining the brand impression

For customers, the appearance of your brand or your company is a significant guidance when selecting brands, products and services. The image effects purchase behaviour and affective loyalty towards your brand and company. Our image analysis facilitates a substantiated diagnosis of what a company's image actually looks like at any given time, hence permitting comparison with the target image. The relevance of individual image features (e.g. for affective loyalty) is determined while identifying the sources of discrepancy between the target and actual image. This insight is useful in deriving measures that make a successful brand positioning or repositioning possible.

Your Questions

  • What image of the brand do customers have?

  • What relevance do individual image features have with regard to purchase behaviour or affective loyalty?

  • Which requirements (target criteria) placed in the brand are fulfilled, which are not? What strengths and weaknesses does the image possess in comparison to competitors?

  • What is the brand image in a competitive comparison? Which unique selling propositions exist? Which opportunities for brand differentiation have not yet been utilized?

  • To what extent does the brand's self-image (from the company's perspective) correspond with its external image (from the customers' perspective)?

Our Solution

We combine quantitative and qualitative research methods to fully register the impact of your brand. Brand associations, for instance, are surveyed with open-ended interview techniques and also using closed-end response scales. We identify the customers' gut feelings, and therefore more than just their 'rationalised' judgements, having the participants make their assessment sunder time pressure  and then include their response times in our analyses. This simultaneously exposes the customer's underlying motives that the brand addresses.

The relevance that various image features possess in terms of purchase intentions or brand equity can be pinpointed precisely using correlation analyses as part of a larger conjoint analysis. We draw on these results to prioritize any possible discrepancies between the target and the actual image.

Your Results

  • Tag clouds reveal the spontaneous associations your brand triggers among customers at a glance.

  • Profile charts help you identify the image of your brand among customers and whether there are discrepancies to the target image.

  • We correlate the results with relevance measurements (for instance in the form of importance-performance matrixes) so you can see at first glance which discrepancies are particularly significant.

  • We use mapping methods to show you new and unoccupied positioning fields in the market.

  • We identify any malpositioning and recommend practical steps on the corrections to be implemented and the potential to be exploited.

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