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Testing the quality and advertising impact of multimedia material

The advertising effectiveness of multimedia materials (e.g. radio or video commercials) can also be measured reliably from a customer perspective. Our quantitative advertising impact test «NLR ad scan», with scales specifically tailored to multimedia applications, provides a sound basis for decisions, for example when deciding between different agency proposals. The options that the Internet offers today enable rapid and efficient online pre-testing.

Your Questions

  • Will your radio/video commercial assert itself against competitors in the commercial break?

  • Is your commercial correctly understood, and can it adequately transport central brand and product information?

  • Which image features does the commercial communicate?

  • Does your commercial have the effect of a call to action?

  • Which agency proposal offers the greatest potential impact on your target group?

Our Solution

The online test starts with measuring the assertiveness of your commercial in its competitive environment. To do this, we simulate a commercial break on the channel scheduled to broadcast your commercial and then assess its assertiveness. In the following, we play the commercial to the participants a second time, giving them enough time to watch/listen to it. They evaluate the commercial based on the central advertising impact scales of the «NLR ad scan» (overall appeal, comprehensibility, call to action). Additional scales measure the commercial's image effect. We are also happy to draw on the features defined in your company, designing a tailored image set and hence ensuring that the analysis includes benchmarking with the image your company aims at.

The online test combines open and closed questions. Strict quality assurance measures applied before, during and after data registration guarantee data quality during the online completion of the test. 

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