Customer Satisfaction / Loyality

Understanding and forming customer relationships

Your customers get to know your company via products, services, advertising and the media – at very different contact points. Each contact shapes your customers' impression of your company, resulting in satisfaction or in dissatisfaction. Satisfaction helps you achieve long-term customer loyalty, cross- and upselling as well as recommendations. It is therefore all the more important to understand what makes customers satisfied. 

Your Questions

  • How satisfied are my customers, and how loyal do they feel towards my company?
  • How do the customers evaluate the different contact points in terms of customer support, service processes, and products?
  • Which net promoter scores (NPS) do our company and our brands achieve?
  • What effect do the contact points have on customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • Which product and service features are particularly important to customers?
  • Benchmarking: How is my company positioned in comparison with competitors?
  • Which areas are worth a selective or strategic investment?

Our Solution

The «NLR binder» allows you to keep an eye on the satisfaction and loyalty of your B2C and B2B customers. Together with you, we initially reflect on your company and its contact points to B2C or B2B customers. After interviewing a large number of customers, we provide you with a solid image of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and contact points. We apply statistical driver analyses to classify the impact of your contact points, hence permitting a prioritization of fields of action. Benchmarks provide you with insight into where to score in your competitive environment and which areas require improvement. Image analyses flank the 'hard' values for contact points and enhance your understanding of how you are perceived by customers.

One-on-one interviews provide special depth if you require a particularly detailed analysis of areas such as customer support or planned services and customer campaigns. We are more than pleased to have you looking over our shoulders, observing the interviews. This provides you with the opportunity to integrate new questions or bring out the main points during research.

In addition to the tried and tested methodology and first-class project management, there is one thing you can expect of us in particular: experience. We know how to translate your objectives into questions for customers as well as to draw the right conclusions.

Your Results

  • Reliable figures on customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, recommendations and service levels that you can exploit in the long term for time series analysis and strategic control.
  • Detailed understanding of how you are perceived by customers and what is important to them.
  • Recommendations for action as concerns the areas in which it is worth making investments in order to enhance customer loyalty.
  • Presentations or workshops to communicate the results in your company.

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