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Impact Study

Understanding where and how effects arise

It is necessary to systematically analyse contact points if you wish to produce connections to a large number of customers, but also employees or sales partners. That way, you disengage from individual case study analyses or anecdotes that may create a distorted picture. Statistical methods underpin measures, provide impetus in the right areas and are based on insight exclusively derived from the actual experiences of customers, employees and sales partners.  

Your Questions

  • How do customers perceive your products and services?
  • Which product and service features are important to customers?
  • Which areas are worth a selective or strategic investment?

Our Solution

KOPUMO is our modern contact point monitoring, helping you to keep an eye on all relevant contact points to your customers and providing you with insight on customer loyalty, image as well as the level of satisfaction with products and services.

As it is not always easy to get customers into long interviews, and as not every customer experiences each of your contact points, KOPUMO employs a different method: All customers are briefly interviewed shortly after experiencing a contact point.

We compile all of these brief interviews, monthly or quarterly, to create a holistic picture in dashboards for you. Thus, you are always up to date, can track the effects of your measures during the year and identify sudden changes in customer opinions.

The dashboards' contents range from individual customer experiences to an evaluation of your company's image to customer loyalty. This provides you with both strategic key figures and practical input for quality assurance.

The best point in time for interviewing customers is when their impressions are still fresh and thus accurate. If any new problems arise at individual contact points, you can thus react quickly, but also control the success of new measures in the short term.

The interviews can be conducted online, enabling your customers to give a brief feedback e.g. via smartphone on their way to work. For a particularly large quota or B2B target groups, we recommend the conduction of telephone interviews.

Your Results

  • Systematic insight into all contact points at which customer value and loyalty are created.
  • Due to the high frequency of interviews and number of cases, we are able to analyse the results on a more than just decriptive level. Time series and driver analyses for the prioritization of measures are a matter of course in high-class research for relationship management.
  • Identification of optimum service levels.
  • In addition to the tried and tested methodology and first-class project management, there is one thing you can expect of us in particular: experience. We know how to translate your objectives into customer-related questions as well as to draw the right conclusions.

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